The launch of #eatsouth Collection marked the anniversary of the first COVID lockdown when we realised that food and drink was a massive part of fun with friends and family. We missed it all.

Although communities rallied together, businesses have also been victims of the pandemic so this is a little support, a quiet shout-out for our amazing local producers, farmers, shops, pubs, delis, markets, takeaways, cafes and restaurants.

Behind South Sensation are some of the team from Polymedia, national PR specialists who live in this region because we love it. Our day job may involve working with designers, developers, photographers and stylists to deliver awesome results but South Sensation doesn’t! So please be gentle with us as this is just for fun, squeezed into busy schedules and largely an excuse to connect with the friends and family we haven’t been able to get together with.

So, this is an opportunity to talk about food and drink, even though we can’t physically sit and share it for the moment. Hopefully soon it will also be a space for celebration when we actually can.