Noble Bees on a working heather holiday

This video is a beautiful, evocative showcase of how heather honey is made in the New Forest.

Filmed by Matt Dunkinson, the video shows Simon Noble of Noble Bees taking his hives with 60,000 bees in each one, onto heather-strewn moorland in the Forest. This bee holiday honey is very special and the film is definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

If you fancy trying some Noble Bees Heather Honey or any of their other local honeys, they have an online shop on their website selling all sorts of bee things – from greetings cards to candles.

You can get some inspiration for using local honey on our Collections page. #eatsouth

ps. I want to be a beekeeper!

heather honey

Love bees? You’ll love these! Noble bee experience days


Noble Bees are offering experience days for 2022. If you love the beautiful honey bee and the awesome work they do, head to their website and book your bee experience day now.

The day includes honey tasting from hives from around the world, a chat about the different roles the bees have in the hive and swarming, along with a look at a day in a life of a beekeeper and what you need to keep your own hive.

Take a walk through the woodland to the training apiary where you’ll get to take a look inside an active beehive (apparently the bees are specially bred gentle bees – yes really) and enjoy a leisurely picnic lunch down in the woods by the pond.

There’s also a section on what plants to include in your own garden to help the honey bee, a copy of the pocket guide ‘Planting for Honey Bees’ by  Sarah Wyndham Lewis to take home with you, along with a jar of Noble Bees and a beeswax candle you make yourself.

The day runs from 10.30am and last around 4-5 hrs including a lunch break. Numbers are limited to 10 people per session and the cost is £90.00 plus a booking fee. To book your day, or a gift for someone, go the Eventbrite website.