Local gin fit for a King

It’s a gin fit for a King – and we’re pleased to have played a part in its creation. This Coronation Gin, in a distinctive gold bottle, is being sold in time for the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III on May 6, 2023 – and you never know, he may even raise a glass of it in celebration!

The story of the Royal gin began when one of the South Sensation team, Polymedia director Graeme Patfield went to visit Kate Griffin of Wessex Spirits.

A former teacher, Kate turned a passion for unusual gin into a thriving business producing distinctive flavoured varieties for corporate customers and local businesses as well as running a beautifully decorated Gin Palace near Andover. 

Kate mentioned that she was searching for ideas for a Coronation Gin but had not so far struck gold when it came to finding the winning formula. Inspired by the visit, Graeme researched the King’s tastes back at HQ and found that the Monarch enjoys a hot cup of Darjeeling tea with honey with his breakfast each morning. Graeme’s suggestion was for Wessex Spirits to work with a local honey producer and tea business to produce a gin that would tickle the Royal tastebuds.

Kate loved the idea and contacted Hampshire businesses Becky’s Beezzzs and Char Teas who provided the ingredients, so Coronation Gin was born!  

The limited edition bottle is now on sale and can be found at the Wessex Spirits Web Shop. Cheers, Your Majesty!