Meonstoke to Old Winchester Hill


The walk from Meonstoke to Old Winchester Hill is perfect to get moving and beat the January blues. Starting in the village of Meonstoke in Meon Valley, it takes you up 640ft to Old Winchester Hill in the South Downs. It starts at the River Meon, leading into country lanes leading you gradually up the hill. The surrounding area is a National Trust Nature Reserve, with a wide variety of wildlife to look out for – including buzzards, roe deer and foxes.

Here, Frances Elizabeth of Why Mummy Walks takes photos for us on this 5-mile walk. “December is a tricky time to navigate emotionally in my line of work without all the added in fun and games life has thrown at us recently,” explains Frances. “Blessed with a beautiful morning in Hampshire this week, a rare break in the incessant rain. I took it as a sign and got myself up the hill for a breather, the fresh air lifting me to raise my spirits.”

At the high points of this walk, there are breathtaking panoramic views of the South Downs and even to the Isle of Wight on a clear day – so, take your camera!

You can read more about the details of a very similair walk here.

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