Sir Ian Botham wines and menu at The Ageas Bowl

The cricket legend that is Sir Ian Botham recently launched a new venture Botham Wines, a collection of Australian and New Zealand wines that he has personally created and which you can now sample at Beefy’s Restaurant at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton.

The collection was put together as he travelled across Australia and New Zealand, visiting many of what he calls “the wine making hot spots,” tasting and blending and adding to his portfolio along the way.

He has been involved in every aspect, working passionately with winemakers to create bespoke blends to exacting standards. This has sometimes involved going through as many as three hundred options before a blend was approved.

The collection has three sections: The All-rounder; The Botham Series; and Sir Ian Botham Parcels, small bottles of regional wines for tasting.

How did they make their way to the list? Botham explains: “People ask me what I’m looking for in a good wine and the answer is simple. It must taste exceptional and offer good value for its price tag. I believe each of my wines delivers.”

The wines (and 22 Yards, a Botham London Dry Gin) are available to buy online from the website and, starting from just £8 per bottle, would make great Christmas gifts for lovers of the bat and the bottle.

Part of the new venture is a wine club, with invitation-only tastings with Sir Ian and the opportunity to taste the wines he has personally selected.

We had the opportunity to sample the wines as well as the new Autumn menu from Ian Botham’s restaurant, Beefy’s at the Hilton Ageas Bowl.  All come well recommended, as does the view!

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