Let the tasting beGIN!

The South Sensation bloggers never need an excuse to drink gin, but when World Gin Day came around in June, we decided it might be a good idea to make our gin tasting a little more focused by checking out the offerings from our local distilleries.

We bought a box of five to try from @masterofmalt, which came nicely packaged with a set of tasting note cards, and we added Mermaid gin from the Isle of Wight to our list. You can check out our introduction on our earlier blog ‘A local challenge for World Gin Day.

A tasting team of six of us tried each gin neat first, and then topped it up with Fevertree Refreshingly Light Mediterranean tonic water. We didn’t research the gins, as we wanted to see if we could guess the ingredients from smell and taste alone.

Let us know what you think of the gins themselves, our comments, or suggestions for others we should try!

SSB Gin: #1Mary Rose Gin, Hampshire

So first up is Mary Rose London Dry Gin from HMS Spirits Company representing Hampshire.

Official description: Juniper heavy, balancing citrus and herbal tones, this gin uses grapefruit to liven the palatte and rosemary to create a soft, oily finsh.

On the nose: We detected rosemary, lavender and rose.

On the palate: We all picked up rosemary, and a floral, rose note reminiscent of Turkish Delight. Once we added the tonic, the gin became much more subtle with a touch of sweetness, and had a lovely soft finish.

Verdict: All of us liked this gin, and three of us said we would definitley be adding it to our gin cupboard.

Interesting fact: The name Mary Rose is both a nod to creator Ben Maguire’s love of adventure and a play on the rosemary content of the gin. Mary Rose Dry London Gin is available online and at the Mary Rose Museum at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

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